Maicyn’s “FAKE Poop Prank”

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Maicyn's Fake Poop Prank

My 3 year old, Maicyn Grace, had the best reaction to the “Fake Poop Prank” that I have seen so far!!

She has such a strong personality, she is brilliant, and hilariously dramatic. She is SO sweet and caring.

This video went viral overnight and now has 130k shares and 2.4 million views on Facebook as of 4pm on 3/22. Thank you for watching. I had no intentions of this video going viral but she is a funny girl so I’m not too surprised!


Negative comments will NOT be tolerated. It will be immediately deleted. She is a WELL loved 3 year old. She still loves her chocolate almost as much as she loves her momma. She is my girl and our whole world!

We hope you enjoy laughing for a few minutes and taking a break from the chaos that is happening all around us.

These are uncertain times but so important that we come together as a society and learn important it is to LOVE one another!!! My love and prayers are with all of you!

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