10 Funny Dog Commercials

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I put together ten really funny dog commercials. Tell me in the comments which one you liked the best, I will include your vote in the ranking below this text to see which commercial people like the most.

These ads are included:

1. Bento Kronen Light, “Kiki”
2. Skechers Go Run, “Mr. Quiggly”, Super Bowl 2012
3. Walls Sausage, “Dog”
4. Toyota Celica, “Looks Fast” / Dog
5. Bud Light, “Good Dog” / “Bad Dog”
6. Discover Credit Scorecard, “Good Boy”
7. Buick, “Woof” (Experience the new Buick, Dogs talking)
8. Doritos, “Dog Dreams”, Super Bowl 2015
9. Bud light, “Reggae” / “Reggae Dog” / “Jamaica Dog”
10. Volkswagen / VW, “The Bark Side” from the 2012 Super Bowl (Teaser from the Star Wars / Force campaign)


11. Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer / Bud, "Alien Dog" / “Whassup Dog” / "We are not alone" from the famous Whassup campaign, also known as Wazzup, What’s up or True, true

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