14 Funny Couple Pranks! Prank Wars! Troom Troom Funny!

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14 Funny Couple Pranks! Prank Wars! Troom Troom Funny!
If in love with each other is fun, then they have every chance to live a long and happy life together. The ability to laugh at each other and yourself is not given to everyone. And our pranks for lovers will definitely help your couple have fun!

Supplies and tools:
• Wet wipes
• Glitter
• Box with a lid
• Glue
• Printed picture of donuts
• Gift filler
• Paint
• Needle and thread
• Condensed milk
• Caramel topping
• Strawberry topping
• Mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup bottles
• Red cord
• Superglue
• Vegetables
• Empty chicken nugget box
• Towel
• Foundation
• Beauty blender
• Mascara
• Lipstick
• Stationery glue
• Green food coloring

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