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Best Japanese Pranks Compilation | Craziest Japanese Pranks. Japanese TV shows goes extremely crazy like game shows or pranks. Their pranks can be funny, crazy, or creative.

#1 Real Dinosaur In Office
You are at office and suddenly, your co-workers are screaming and running away, where you find real dinosaur like in Jurassic Park.

#2 Spider Man Behind You
Japanese actress Natsuna, she is having fun in chatting at talk-show without noticing spider man on her back.

#3 Scream Olympics
The celebrities are escorted into a waiting room and guided to read a magazine and wait.
They will be pranked and measured how loudly their scream was for by a counter.

#4 Driverless Van Going Wild
NMB48, a Japanese all-female idol group based in Namba, Osaka.
They hop into the van for moving to next filming location and wait for the driver.
However, the van starts moving without driver at crazy speed.

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