Bushman Prank: Return of Baby Sloth 2023!! bushman scare prank 2023

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What up Bush Fam!! Back with another new video and its featuring Baby Sloth!! Really hope you enjoy this one!! I filmed this on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, USA just this past weekend. I found out it was pretty tough having the lemons and trying to use baby sloth but I think I made it work the best way I could!! I think I'm going to do one more video with the lemons and then take them off or change them for something else, haven't decided yet but I will figure it out very soon!

Hopefully everyone in the U.S. can enjoy their Memorial Day weekend, I get to see my Mom so it's definitely going to be great for me!!

I hope you all enjoy the video!! THANK YOU AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN for all the continued support!! ????????????????

Until next time..

I Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!!

Be nice.

Editor: Eric Wiley

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