Jumpscare Websites! Top 5 Jumpscare Websites you can Visit Right now! + Reactions

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Top 5 Scary Jumpscare Websites you can visit for yourself or send to your friends to Prank them!

in this video, i have collected 5 of the most scary websites which will make you jump. the links to all the websites are provided below: (ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK)!


The number 5 link is very Creepy website which, for some reason, Exists...it's a link where a black colored worm moves along with the cursor as you move it...but once you start moving vigorously, it will suddenly go NUTS with crazy Epileptic Flashing images and A SUDDEN UNEXPECTED STATIC NOISE!

the number 4 link is a seemingly innocent colorblind test, which actually works as a colorblind test, until the end...in this test you will be asked to decipher numbers within an image and when you get to an almost impossible part, there will be a classic Jumpscare waiting for you! ;-)

the number 3 link is a pretty popular link, youtubers like Pewdiepie, DashieXP etc.. have tried it out and got their shit scared right out their pants! it is a comic depicting a young girl walking home, when she encounters a weird lady, the story is shot and suspenseful, however, the surprise element lies when some parts of the comic auto-scrolls with sound effect and SCARE THE PISS OUTTA YOU!!!

the number 2 link is a very simple link but Boy, is it effective!!...as soon as the link is open, a Flashing Epileptic image of Jeff the killer will pop in the screen and of course, there is very loud noise in background to scare the hell outta you!

the number 1 link is something, you will never expect to scare you at all!, it is subtle, its not long lasting, but the Sudden and unexpected appearance of a giant boy pulling the man out the window will leave your heart pounding like you, pounding your girlfriend's sister!

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